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Pricing is simple and easy. Choose the services you would like with your ad and click on the price above the row and provide the information required. It's that easy.  


  87 Octane  89 Octane  93 Octane
  $19.99 Monthly $34.99 Monthly $99.00 Monthly
Ad tracking  Yes Yes Yes
Customer comments & reviews Yes Yes Yes 
No ad switching fees ever Yes Yes Yes
Rating of customer reviews Yes Yes  Yes 
Email a friend Yes  Yes Yes 
Offline discounts on networking events Yes Yes Yes
Discounts on collaborative radio & tv ads Yes Yes Yes
Affordable ad pricing Yes Yes Yes
More exposure than newspapers and phonebook ads Yes Yes Yes
Access to industry professionally led resource forums Yes Yes Yes
Access to community forums Yes Yes Yes
Word cloud marketing  Yes Yes Yes
Advertise in featured product section of home page * Yes Yes Yes
Use gift cards to attract business No Yes Yes
Take and use data from polls  No Yes Yes
Ad placement in newsletter available No Yes Yes
Sponsorships available at networking events No Yes Yes
Discounts available on monthly pricing No Yes Yes
Discounts on sister site advertising campaigns No Yes Yes
Multiple Image Viewing No Yes Yes
Create and lead industry forums No No Yes
Plan monthly social media or email marketing campaigns No No Yes
Add downloadable discounts to your ads  No No Yes
Add location SEO to  your ads  No No Yes
Link to your social media accounts No No Yes


  You Create  We Create  
Ad Creation Free  $175.00  
Video Creation Free Call for Price  
* Additional Price for Home Page Advertising. Please use contact us page for inquiry.
We do allow vendors to provide their own ad, however, all ads must be properly sized and free of any malicious code or viruses. All ads are scanned for malware and visually screened for appropriateness. Ads will not be placed if they are deemed to contain malware or are considered inappropriate for viewing by the general public.